I am a human being.

As a fleshy pile of electrical impulses, the following things make me happy by scratching some hidden reptilian part of my brain:

The push and pull between the brain and the heart.

How vast and wide everything is (the oceans the planet the galaxy the universe) and how monumentally small it makes me feel.

That one day the sun will not rise.

That I am frail and can be killed easily, and the fact that that does not matter.

How all things fade with time, particularly art but life is good too.

The clicking sound a projector makes.

Bright, neon colors.

I love photography. I'm in love with the idea that I have frozen a moment in time and it exists forever now, or as forever as forever can be.

I make art because sometimes, certain facets of life are difficult to explain to another person with words alone. I feel like most people go through the same basic human struggles, from issues of identity to the mystery of death, and it is my personal therapy to analyze and deal with these struggles through the lens of art.

I primarily shoot with a Holga or a disposable camera - plastic cameras with plastic lenses - and I feel this low-key, low quality approach helps me deal with a topic in a way that satisfies me instead of getting bogged down too much on technical details. Once shot, I abuse my negatives in a variety of ways: scratching, burning, shredding and taping back together. Coupled with the soft focus and slight vignetting of these toy cameras, my images have an ethereal, fragmented quality. Like trying to remember a dream, you find that there are no clear details; only flashes of ideas and emotions just out of reach.