Have you ever looked at a wall and said to yourself, "Man, that wall is super boring.  God, I wish there was a thing here to look at it." Well, you need not wish anymore.

You can buy prints of selected works here.

Clicking the link will open a new window to Vivyx, who handles my printing. I've yet to be disappointed by the quality, they use 100 year archival photo paper, and they're pretty cheap by art world standards.

When clicking on an image to purchase it, the available sizes are shown along with a range of paper types on which it can be printed. I recommend choosing Satin 99.9% of the time because Gloss is almost always like, WHOA. If you want to print that sucker on canvas you go right ahead, except nobody in their right mind prints on canvas.

Also keep in mind that when presenting my own work in a gallery setting, I almost always use format frames. This means that the image goes right out to the edge of the frame; 16" x 20" image, 16" x 20" frame. If you enjoy a good matte then that's cool too, but I personally never understood the appeal.

That's about it. If you click on that link and can't find that thing of mine that you want to hang up on your wall, email me at nikholasnewell (at) gmail (dot) com. If an image hasn't gone up it is either because I've made a very limited run of prints and therefore they are generally more expensive than your average print, or that the image itself was never meant to be printed and showcased in any sort of wide capacity.

Although it is entirely possible that I merely misjudged the appeal of mass printing a certain image, and maybe you will bring that to my attention. So, you know, that could happen.